Richa Choubey

I am a writer, a producer and a bit of a nerd. I love pop culture, books, travel, but most importantly I love movies and television. No, movies and TV do not make up my entire life; they are just the most influential part of my life.

I’ve been in love with entertainment since I was a kid, at age 12 I was researching the UPN/WB merger that resulted in the CW, at age 14 I was fluent in film and television jargon and by 21 I started researching the next year’s development and started tracking new writers and directors. It was a love I never saw coming, it just happened, “together and all at once.” Entertainment is my passion and it’s something that I’m so excited to spend my life working in.

After graduating from Michigan State University in May of 2014, I will be making the move out to Los Angeles, joining my fellow Spartans in Hollywood, where I hope to find a job in television or film.


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